The Rumpus Saturday Interview with Cecil Castellucci

Rumpus: Let’s start with your newest book, Odd Duck. You had a charming and extremely well attended book release party at Skylight Books in Los Angeles for this one, in which the entire book was projected on a screen and read aloud. There was a room of small children eating out of your hand! Tell us about this book and what makes it so magical.

Cecil Castellucci: I like to think of Odd Duck as an early graphic novel chapter book for kids and the young at heart. It’s about an odd duck named Theodora who is a little bit troubled when another odd duck named Chad moves in next door. They both have a misunderstanding as to which one of them is actually the odd duck. It’s about friendship, understanding, and acceptance of another person, or duck, for who they are.

“The Rumpus Saturday Interview with Cecil Castellucci,” The Rumpus, 22 June 2013