Bringing Princess Leia to Punk Rock and Back Again

Castellucci’s excited to see how far things have come for geeks and geek girls—her aforementioned punk band, Nerdy Girl, played in a world where Riot Grrl music was exploding in the early 90’s, but didn’t really have a big sense of popularizing geekdom that was slowly growing at the same time. But being in Nerdy Girl sort of smashed the two worlds together, and gave her a way to say how she felt about being a geek that was true to both sensibilities.

“It was a big badge for me, where I could say, here’s my identity, here’s who I am, I’m gonna dork out, collect action figures, bring it onto your stage and I’m gonna own it a hundred percent. That was absolutely a huge part of my identity, that I’m making a declaration of who I am, how I’m going to make my art, and that I’m going to be nerdy and I’m not going to be quiet about it.”

“Bringing Princess Leia to Punk Rock and Back Again,” Geek & Sundry, 9 November 2015