Educator / Discussion Guides

Below please find discussion guides for some of my books.

SOUPY LEAVES HOME – Soupy Leaves Home EDUCATOR GUIDE (or a better link here)

BOY PROOF – Boy Proof Discussion Guide

BEIGE – Beige Discussion Guide

THE PLAIN JANES – CBLDF Plain Janes Guide / The Plain Janes Discussion Guide by Wildgeese

TIN STAR – Tin Star Discussion Questions

School Visit Info

I do high school, middle school, and elementary visits all over the country.

Presentation Options

“Hoboes” – a PowerPoint presentation on Soupy Leaves Home and the history of Hoboes. Grades 3-12.

“Science in Science Fiction” – a PowerPoint presentation featuring the book series Tin Star/Stone in the Sky. Grades 6-12.

“The Artist’s Journey” – a PowerPoint presentation featuring my road to publication, how I became an artist, and a breakdown of the creative process of one novel. Grades 6-12.

“Writing Comics” – a PowerPoint presentation about how to read and write comics. Grades 6-12. *Can be tailored to elementary schools in combination with reading Odd Duck.*

“Modern (Super)heroines” – a PowerPoint presentation featuring the examination of female characters from my creator-owned characters like Tula Bane (Tin Star) and Shade to iconic characters like Princess Leia. Grades 6-12.

“Heroes and Villains” – a workshop where we discuss writing and do exercises. Grades 6-12.

“Odd Duck” – Read aloud with PowerPoint of the book. Grades K-3 includes coloring page.

Book Club

“Book Club” – K-12. I will do a book club visit. All students will have read an agreed upon book and we will have an in-depth discussion about the book. This is like a backstage pass to crafting a novel or comic book.


I am happy to work with your school and/or district to come up with a visit option that fits your budget! It is preferable that there be pre-order book sales and/or book sales on site. I’m happy to help you organize with a local independent bookstore.

  • Los Angeles Area: $250/school – 2 classes or assemblies $500/ all day

  • Regional California: $600/school + travel (train or plane)

  • Everywhere Else: $1800/day, plus travel and hotel, but I offer discounts for multiple schools over one or more days*

*I can to visit up to two schools per day, with up to two presentations per school. I’m happy to do a lunch period with a book signing at no additional charge.

It is always preferred that the school/class is familiar with at least one of my books.


Primarily question and answers sessions with classrooms, book clubs, and library groups, either about a specific book or my body of work. These sessions can be tailored to your needs and range in price from $100-$200 for 15 to 45 minutes.

Get in touch with any questions or to make arrangements.